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Prikriti Analysis Chart

Prakriti is our body type/constitution. It is the basic determinant of how individual is different from each other.It is very important diagnostic tool of Ayurveda. Prakriti remains same throughout the life.

Prakriti is established at the time of conception when ovum and sperm get unite.It is very important to know your Prikriti because it will guide us to maintain our healthy life style.

Just Tick mark (✓) in front of your observation and Calculate your numbers. Please note that your observation should be unbiased.

Sr No. Observations Vata Pitta Kapha
1Body FrameSlim MediumLarge
2Body WeightLow,Difficult to put on weight Medium,Can easily loose or gain weight Overweight,Difficult to loose weight
3ChinThin,Angular TaperingRounded,Double
4CheeksWrinkled,Sunken Smooth,Flat Rounded,Double
5EyesSmall,Sunken,Dry,Active,Nervous Small,Sunken,Dry,Active,Nervous Small,Sunken,Dry,Active,Nervous
6EyeballBlack,Brown,Unsteady,Fast Moving Gray,Green,Yellow/Red,Moving Slowly Blue,Steady
7NoseUneven Shape,Deviated Septum Long Pointed,Red Nose TipShort Rounded,Button Nose
8LipsDry,Cracked,Black/Brown Tinge Red,Inflamed,Yellowish Smooth,Oily,pale,Whitish
9TeethStick out,Very Big Or Very Small,Irregular,Roomy,Thin Gums Regular Shape,Medium,Soft,Tender Gums Healthy,White,Shining,Strong Gums,Regular Shape
10SkinThin,Dry,Cold,Rough, Smooth,Warm,Oily,Rosy,More Sweating Thick,Oily,Pale,Whitish,Cool,Moist,Greasy
11ComplexionDark,Blackish Pink To Red Glowing,White
12HairDry,Black,Brown,Knotted,Brittle,Scarce,Split Ends Straight,Oily,Blonde,Grey,Red,Bald Thick,Curly,Oily,Wavy,Luxuriant
13NailsBlackish,Thin,Dry,Rough,Brittle,Break Easily Sharp,Flexible,Reddish,Lustrous Thick,Big,Oily,Smooth,Polished,Pinkish
14NeckThin,Tall MediumBig,Folded
15ChestFlat,Sunken ModerateExpanded,Round
16BellyThin,Flat,Sunken ModerateBig,Pot-bellied
17Belly- ButtonSmall, Irregular, Herniated Oval, Superficial Big, Deep. Round, Stretched
18HipsSlender, Thin ModerateHeavy, Big
19JointsCold, Cracking Sound on movement, Dry, Stretched, Warm, Healthy with Optimal Strength Large, Lubricated, Shining, Firm, Heavy Weight Bearing
20Eating Habbit Eats Quickly Without Chewing Properly Eats with Good Speed Chews Food Properly
21AppetiteIrregular, Any Time Sudden, Unbearable Can Skip Any Meal Easily, Slow
22DigestionCan Digest Heavy Food Early or Can Not Digest Light Food Soon, Forms Gas Quick, Causes BurningProlonged, Forms Mucous
23TasteSour, Salty Bitter, Astringent Sweet, Pungent
24ThirstChangeable FrequentlySparse
25Bowel Movements Dry, Hard, Scanty, Constipation, Blackish Soft, Yellowish, Loose Heavy, Thick, Sticky, Sluggish
26Physical Activity Fast, Always In Hurry Energetic, Not Fast or Slow Slow but Steady
27Mental Activity Quick, Restless Smart, Intellect, Aggressive Calm, Stable
28EmotionsAnxiety, Fear, Uncertainty Anger, Hate, Jealous Calm, Greedy, Attachment
29MoodChanges Quickly, Have Frequent Mood Swings Early Temper Stable, Always cool
30NatureTimid, Jealous Egoistic, Fearless Grateful, Forgiving
31FaithVariable ExtremistConsistent
32IntellectQuick But Faulty Response Accurate ResponseSlow But Accurate
33Grasping PowerGrasps Quickly But Not Completely And Forgets Quickly Grasps Quickly Completely & Dose not Forget Grasps Late & Retain For Longer Time
34Memory & RecollectionRecent Good, Remote Poor Distinct, SharpSlow And Sustained, Long Lasting
35DreamsMany Dreams, Sky, Wind, Flying Objects, Confusion, Black color Fire, Light, Bright, War, Red Or Yellow Color AppearGarden, Lake, Snow, Romantic, White Color
36SleepSleeplessness, Intermittent, Keeps Eyes Open Little But SoundDeep, Prolonged
37SpeechRapid, Unclear, Rough Sharp, Penetrating, Energetic, CommandingSlow, Monotonous, Soft, Deep
38EnergyBecomes low in evening, Fatigues after less work Gets tired after medium workExcellent energy throughout the day
39Social RelationMakes Less Friends Good No. Of FriendsLove To Socialize
40Walking PaceQuick, Fast, Long Steps Average, SteadySlow, Short Steps
41Communication Skills Fast, Irrelevant, Speech Not Clear Good Speaker With Genuine Argument SkillsAuthoritative, Firm, Slow & Little Speech
Total Count Total Vata Count Total Pitta Count Total Kapha Count

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